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While Cloud Services are the latest buzz, they are really a reformulated type of outsourcing, where companies use the hardware, software of a third party to have access and use of their data. Paying a flat fee per user with rich feature sets, the cost model is very attractive due to the avoided capital and labor expenditures and the ability to scale without the infrastructure costs and the flexibility to turn up or down the services as needed.  

From an Information Management Compliance (IMC) perspective, there are several requirements to address with the Cloud Services Provider (CSP) to ensure the client’s data is being managed thoughtfully and in accordance with their desires and wishes.  This means that retention management, preservation, e-discovery, privacy and security must all be provided for by the CSP in manners that are understood and acceptable.   Cloud Services are performed on the client’s behalf; the client still owns the data and all of the responsibilities associated with its governance.

Kahn Consulting can help navigate the complexity of the Cloud relationship to better address your information management needs. With our view of IMC and by understanding your objectives for a CSP, we can help you address the risks, needs and due diligence to proactively address key areas, such as:


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