E-Mail Rules: A Business Guide to Managing Policies, Security, and Legal Issues for E-Mail and Digital Communication

Author: Randolph A. Kahn, ESQ.
Publisher: AMACOM Press

Available: May 7, 2003
Paperback - Approx. 272 pages

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Editorial Reviews for E-Mail Rules

"A well-organized guide to implementing e-mail risk management.Rather than a legal treatise, this is a book the lawyer may read to communicate with clients; or the general counsel reads and suggests that the outside lawyer, officers, CTO and head of HR read, so they can all be on the same page. Protection of e-mail records and systems is a complex interdisciplinary efforts, and this book can help get to common ground."
-- Business Law Today

"The best parts of this book are the real-life examples that provide anecdotal support for the sensible rules put forth."
-- Wall Street + Technology

"Clearly explains how to create email rules and polices…[this] practical, readable guide also provides strategies for dealing with spam, instant messaging, Listserv and chat."
-- Transform magazine

Book Overview

E-mail Rules is the definitive guide for executives, managers and administrators in corporate and government HR, Legal, IT, Records Management and other departments charged with the responsibility of managing e-mail. Written in plain language, E-mail Rules provides practical guidance for organizations of all sizes. Co-author Randolph A. Kahn, attorney and founder of Kahn Consulting, Inc. provides expert legal insight into the everyday issues faced by managers in addressing e-mail related issues and concerns. E-mail Rules includes insightful self-assessment surveys that will enable you to quickly determine where your organization is succeeding and failing when it comes to managing e-mail and other digital communications. Powerful statistics and studies throughout the book clearly demonstrate the costs of ignoring the risks of e-mail and prove the benefits of being proactive.

  • Learn the right way to identify, retain and manage the digital communications that must be treated as Business Records.
  • Reduce workplace liabilities associated with e-mail and other forms of digital communication.
  • Create the right policies and procedures that will not only protect your organization, but also reflect your corporate culture and operational needs.
  • Learn why you should treat Instant Messaging, chatrooms, newsgroups, and other "alternative" methods of communicating with the same care as e-mail messages.
  • Build the right team for identifying and managing the risk associated with your corporate e-mail system.
  • Get the buy-in of senior managers and executives by presenting them with clear facts regarding the risks and costs of ignoring e-mail issues.

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