Information Nation Warrior: Information Management Compliance Boot Camp

Author: Randolph A. Kahn, ESQ.
Publisher: AIIM International

Available: May 17, 2005
Paperback - Approx. 276 pages

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Editorial Reviews for Information Nation Warrior

"Information Nation Warrior provides a practical and comprehensive template for reducing risk in today's increasingly regulated and litigious business environment. With the realities of Sarbanes-Oxley, more active regulators, and the trials and tribulations of e-discovery, there has never been a greater need for organizations to take control of their information assets. And there has never been a greater demand for an approach that applies across all levels of an organization because, more so than with any other legal issue, information management compliance requires the appreciation and participation of every employee. Warrior will help all parts of your organization understand and address their compliance responsibilities."
-- Jay Cohen, Global Compliance Leader, D&B

"Informative, thought provoking, and at times entertaining, Information Nation Warrior provides a roadmap for collaboration between IT, legal, business and RM to achieve information management compliance. Once again, the Kahn and Blair team serves up endless ammunition to get the job done."
-- Jeanne B. Caldwell, CRM

"Information Nation Warrior is a book every executive, senior leader, CIO, IT professional, legal counsel, records manager, and anyone who has responsibility for developing and managing information systems needs to read and understand. It is an authoritative and powerful 'how-to book' for people who individually and collectively must lead their organizations to achieve information management compliance. I will be strongly recommending it in my consulting, executive briefings, seminars, and publications."
-- Dr. Mark Langemo, CRM;
Professor Emeritus, College of Business and Public Administration, University of North Dakota; veteran information management author, consultant, and seminar leader

"In Information Nation Warrior, Kahn and Blair address the challenges facing those responsible for information management today. Warrior discusses how IT, Legal, Business, and Records Management issues are intertwined, and how the Warrior must strive to address them all in a coordinated way. The book points the way to the future of information management compliance, but begs the question of who will step forward and lead their organization. Kahn and Blair have laid it out--now it's up to readers to accept the challenge."
-- Jenny R. Jolinski, CRM;
CDIA+; Manager, Corporate Records, Darden Restaurants (parent company of Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc.)

"Information Nation Warrior is an excellent resource for anyone responsible for information management compliance in their company. Warrior provides concepts that can help individuals move their organizations from theory to practice."
-- Sandra Behel, Ph.D.,
Manager of Corporate Records and Library Services, Energen Corporation

"Information Management Compliance means understanding the convergence of IT, Legal, Business, and Records Management requirements. Information Nation Warrior offers readers the view from each of these areas, leaving them better prepared to ask the right questions, properly delegate roles, and provide greater value to their organizations."
-- Gene Stavrou, Records Management Program Manager, Altria

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