Email and E-Communication, such as instant messaging or unified messaging, has become the fundamental way that corporations and government agencies do business. An organization can execute a contract in an e-mail, modify it in a blog, and breach it in a tweet. At the same time, the manner in which organizations use, retain, and manage e-mail and e-communication has never been under greater scrutiny from regulators, lawmakers, auditors, and the courts.

Although many organizations today have some type of policy in place to address e-mail use, a startling number of companies fail to adequately address and manage the real risks and liabilities that can come from the company e-mail system. Many organizations also ignore the potential consequences which can arise from improper use of instant messaging, blogs, wikis and other modes of social networking.

Kahn Consulting can assist in identifying the risks at your organization and in developing e-mail and e-communication policies that mitigate those risks related to doing business in a virtual environment.

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