A Records Retention Schedule should be designed to capture the records that must be retained at an organization to satisfy various business, legal, regulatory and compliance requirements and the Records Retention Schedule should state how long these records must be retained to satisfy these requirements. Unfortunately, the Records Retention Schedule at most companies fall short, causing the company to struggle to establish a solid retention framework.

At Kahn Consulting, we utilize Rules Mapper™ to develop Records Retention Schedules for our clients. It provides for the identification of the company’s records by the company’s own department experts and the development of retention rules by industry experts. This combination provides the best of both worlds: the identification of a company’s records to meet legal requirements and “big bucket” record retention rules to provide consistent retention to facilitate record retention across all systems and media (ESI - electronically stored information, databases and paper). Rules Mapper™ can also be used to identify the location of Company’s records for e-discovery, and privacy and security purposes.

The Rules Mapper™ Approach / Deliverables

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