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The Problem

 For most organizations, managing unstructured or semi-structured electronic data is challenging and time-consuming. Office 365 provides organizations with rich features and functionality to better manage their information from a security, privacy, litigation discovery, access, and records retention standpoint, among other things. Getting it set up right will be hugely valuable during normal business times, as well as, when litigation strikes. Also, getting policies and rules established upfront will help make the migration process more manageable and valuable.  Kahn’s Office 365 Advisory Services will assist your organization in bridging the gap between technology capabilities and business, governance and compliance needs and requirements.

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The Challenge

  • Office 365 is a complex environment, consisting of many different services which are evolving all the time

  • Understanding how to match business, governance and compliance needs with Office 365 capabilities is no small challenge which may be beyond internal expertise Office 365 presents new challenges to an organization because many old legacy applications, services, etc. are now part of the same platform

  • Office 365 provides a “clean slate” opportunity to get information management, security, privacy, compliance, etc. right but how does a company know how to best utilize the features available in Office 365?

  • What information should be migrated to Office 365?

  • What if the information is on a legal or regulatory preservation hold?

  • Governing information to ensure your company is protected against data theft, breach, violation with law and regulations is complicated and difficult to convert into technological requirements

  • Understanding the new eDiscovery Landscape in Office 365 will require proactive decisions and potentially modifications your litigation readiness plan

  • Most organizations have limited resources internally to properly develop a comprehensive plan to address these issues

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Why Kahn

Today's complex information challenges requires a unique complement of skill sets to holistically address the issues. We are a team of experienced consultants that attack these problems from a multiplicity of perspectives to bring about the best results for our clients. Members of our firm come from diverse backgrounds including: information management, governance, records management, technology, privacy, security, legal and compliance. We pride ourselves in being economical, limber, adaptable, easy to work with, and skillful problem solvers. 


Our clients are as diverse as our consultants and come from a wide variety of industries. Every business accumulates information and needs help at various points of the information life cycle. For over two decades, Kahn Consulting has been assisting organizations through the complex information and regulatory labyrinth.  Kahn specializes in heavily regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, and financial services to ensure they meet the extremely burdensome regulatory requirements. 

How We Help

Assessment and Requirements


Our team of experts across many disciplines (IT, Legal, Compliance, etc.)  will do a quick assessment of current practices and policies that relate to the management of unstructured and semi-structured data. This assessment will identify gaps and risks in the current approach and provide Kahn a framework to discuss modifications that could be made to policies and practices, migration strategy, opportunities to better manage information in Office 365.  As part of the assessment, Kahn will work with key stakeholders (legal, compliance, IT, privacy, etc.) to understand their requirements for managing information in a go-forward manner.  The assessment deliverable contains recommendations and a roadmap of how to implement capabilities in Office 365 and modifications to company policies and practices. Kahn can also provide the next level of support by working with your company to implement the recommendations.



How Kahn Can Help After Assessment


Policies / Governance Rules

  • Develop new policies or modify existing policies to comply laws, regulatory requirements and business needs

  • Develop, modify and/or simplify retention rules


Implementation / Compliance Services

  • Transform business requirements into Office 365 a workable customized implementation plan

  • Assist with complex policy deployments

  • Validate existing implementation of impacted applications to ensure that there are no gaps and no issues are overlooked

Migration Plan

  • Develop a plan to determine what existing content should be migrated to the Office 365 to mitigate risk and exposure and maximize the utility of important information.


eDiscovery / Litigation Plans

  • Develop or augment eDiscovery/Litigation Plans to address the complexity of Office 365, audit logs, preserving data, collecting data, etc.

  • Assist organizations in setting up workflows to support the EDRM reference model or an organizations specific model.


Technology Support

Assist internal IT departments with Data Governance, Auditing, Data Loss Prevention, and eDiscovery in Office 365

  • Office 365 migration support

  • End-user Office 365 Compliance Training



Ongoing Advisory Support


Advisory Role

  • An annual advisory service where Kahn analyzes Office 365 functionality enhancements or changes from a policy or compliance perspective and advises clients when they should consider modifications to their environment.

  • An on-demand advisory role where Kahn can help a client analyze a new or modified Office 365 functionality enhancement from a policy or compliance perspective.

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The Benefits

  • Take advantage of Office 365’s capabilities to mitigate risk related to compliance, data theft, privacy breach, etc.

  • Ensure business, legal, compliance, and other governing rules are enforced

  • Reduce information footprint by migrating only the necessary data to Office 365

  • Manage information and records in accordance with laws and regulations that are specific to your industry

  • Mitigate eDiscovery and litigation risk for information in Office 365.