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Cree CEO: 'All technology companies' face espionage

Updated: May 24, 2023

Cree CEO Gregg Lowe said Tuesday that “all technology companies face the same thing” when it comes to the need to protect trade secrets.

“Every day, they are making changes to help protect and secure their technology, and I think we’re no different than anybody else,” he said at Triangle Business Journal's Power Breakfast at PNC Arena. “I think all companies face these challenges. You’ve got the technology, you’ve got the capability, and people want to come after it.”

For Lowe, it’s not just a fight with firms allegedly infringing on patents – a battle his predecessor, too, waged in federal court against companies such as Kingbright and Feit.

It’s also waged from within.

A former Cree employee, Coy Bell, is alleged to have stolen trade secrets worth millions by downloading classified files onto an SD card, according to a report.

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