• Annette Weller-Collison

Information Dexterity: How to Better Manage Your Information Assets

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Kahn Consulting White Paper Sponsored by Open Text


In 2020 there will be more information created every few hours than was previously

created in a years’ time.1 Organizations increasingly rely on third parties to run internal

processes as though they were part of the company, moving company’s information

onto third-party computers. Many organizations are considering or have already

committed to storing some of their information in the cloud because of scalability and

economics. Company employees manage their workday from a communications app,

creating business artifacts in a collaboration tool, and market products in a social media

environment as part of normal business processes. New laws and regulations regularly

affect how organizations should and shouldn’t manage information and courts and

regulators are increasingly penalizing litigants for not properly managing information. If

the way your company manages information keeps you up at night, you are not alone.

Most organizations are grappling with more data types, more systems and more data

and how to properly manage those issues. This white paper will help you navigate a

productive path forward to get closer to information governance nirvana and to avoid

some major pitfalls that have impacted other companies.

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