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Over Retention of Information Poem

Updated: May 24, 2023

Artificial intelligence human outline with pixels and numbers

Information flows like a stream,

In every organization, it's a common theme,

From emails to files, we hold it tight,

But over retention can pose a fright.

The risk of loss, the risk of breach,

The risk of damage, beyond our reach,

Sensitive data, it's all around,

And if it's not secure, it can bring us down.

Our customers trust us with their data,

And it's our responsibility to be its curator,

To ensure it's safe, to ensure it's sound,

And in doing so, we'll stand our ground.

But when we hold onto information too long,

We increase the risk of things going wrong,

From hackers to accidents, to simple mistakes,

Our organization's reputation, it all takes.

So let us manage our data with care,

And let us ensure it's not just sitting there,

But is secure, and is protected,

For in doing so, we'll be respected.

For the risks of over retention are too great,

And in the end, it's our customers who we cannot betray,

So let us delete, let us archive,

And ensure our organization continues to thrive.

(generated by Chat CPT)


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