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Thinking Outside the Volcano: Five Steps to Navigating Exploding and Conflicting Information Needs

"The marketing team wants to use ChatGPT to generate marketing collateral. Yet, the law department worries about copyrighted content used to train the model forming the basis of an intellectual property lawsuit and inadvertently “giving” OpenAI the right to use certain protected content. Underwriting wants to let artificial intelligence (“AI”) tools “underwrite” insurance policies, but the compliance team worries about the computer application “learning” to discriminate. Business planning professionals wish to extend the life of relevant information, but European Union (“EU”) privacy lawyers say that will run afoul of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

One person’s hot is another person’s cold. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You get the idea. And that idea has taken center stage in the world of corporate information. At a time when professionals across industries and fields who are using AI want as much information as possible to predict business trends, for example, information security risk mitigation militates in favor of retaining less information for shorter periods: “AI is heavily reliant on large quantities of data, and without proper controls, data can be corrupted.”[1] Furthermore, “[a]ddressing privacy concerns while leveraging large datasets is also a challenge.”[2] While business folks want to keep content in collaboration environments forever for future reference, privacy and security professionals push back on growing the information footprint because more information creates greater privacy risk and more data to protect"...continue reading.

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